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    Export Media- matching frame sizes to codec formats


      The short version of this would be "what are the most common settings for compressed video at 720p"?


      Reading the suggested settings for youtube and other sites simply leads me to more questions, as the presets from premier that get close to matching these recommendations all seem to have odd framerates and frame sizes...


      The long:

      Producers that have me scoring audio to some short bumper intro clips have had me download the quicktimes from vimeo. Revealing the Inspector in quictime, i see the specs on the video files ("Photo- Jpeg" compression format, in what I've been told is 'true 720p resolution' (1280x720), at 59.94 fps). Yet cant seem to find similar export settings as presets in Premiere. I am aware of the very useful function of being able to match master project settings from within the Media, but other people who recieve the preview clips note 'why are these in Photo- Jpeg'?


      When I use premier presets that contain 720p res, they are often an odd frame size, which again renders questions from the recipient (why is this 720p at 24drop?) etc. So wondering why the difference between what I recieve and what's available from the same video format preset.


      For instance When choosing "Photo- Jpeg" as a preset, the res is indeed 720p, yet the frame is nowhere near 1280x720 (not in front of my rig right now but its something like 900x720). In fact quicktime presets come up with these odd frame sizes as well. The presets Im able to locate so far that hold full-frame HD output settings are branded DV and HDV camera options...meanwhile '720p NTSC' is also in odd frame sizes under presets, not sure what to make of that...maybe I was mistaken in thinking 720p NTSC runs at 59.94?


      I understand that Youtube, Vimeo and other sites we may be using have their 'recommended settings' faq pages. However my main concern is whether these are also typical settings for compressed quicktimes that producers may want delivered offline as well? Is there a 'standard' at all?


      Read alot of FAQs over the past couple days, but these mainly discuss the options available and how to get to them, not finding alot of info regarding

      "when to use export settings and why".so I come to you for your expertise...


      Thanks for your patience and your insight folks!