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    Flash movie panels/portions getting stuck and layering/stacking


      I'm not a Flash developer, but I'm working on a Flash advertising issue where a Flash ad (movie/SWF file) is sometimes having portions of its animation panels or timeline (specifically some text copy) getting stuck and then they stack/layer/overlap on top of each other at the end of the final frame of animation.


      We were able to reproduce this only sporadically in IE7 but someone else reported the issue using IE8.


      A screenshot of the portions that are overlapping is pasted further below.


      The "Dr. Ted Lawrence" and "A pioneer in tumor radiation therapy." text copy portions are sometimes getting stuck and are sometimes overlapping onto the final frame of the animation.


      URL to the Flash SWF movie file:


      (AS2, published as Flash 8)


      I do not have the .FLA file.  Would that be needed to troubleshoot this issue further?  I know I'm probably not using the correct terms exactly, etc, but any help or suggestions anyone can provide would be appreciated.