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    Table Script

    Maria964 Level 1

      Hi, the problem goes like this:


      I have lots of tables formated in different ways in a Indesign 5 file (Windows). They were built without Tables and Cell Styles. Each one is different from the other. I have equivalent tables imported from Word with no styling, same number of lines and columns.


      Does anyone knows about a script (or Indesign trick) that is able to copy the text content of one table and put its content in the other table without messing the formating of the first table?


      I do like this: I select the text thats inside the second table, copy it to the clipboard. After I put the cursor on the first cell of the first table, select all the cells and past. But the formating gets changed (borders, backgrouds, fonts, etc.). What I want is just to paste the text without messing with the formating.


      Thank you in advance,