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    Flex PDF Viewer



      Ok First timer so be lenient.

      I have need for an app to run on the iPad. The proposed app simply views a PDF document (e.g. Instruction manuals) however I wish to retain the existing hyperlinks, page views etc. Although the PDF document can be restructured if required.

      None of the evaluated commercial apps seem to adequately do this, and clutter the space with unnecessary navigation options.

      I was considering Flex and need a starting place – or I am on the wrong platform?

      Any suggestions?

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          I'm not much beyond a first timer, but I can give you my thoughts on what I believe to be true...


          Flex applications are delivered to the browser, and run in a flash player (plugin).  Flash plugin is pretty standard and prevalent in the desktop browser space, but Apple and Adobe are no longer playing nice, and Apple does not support the use of Flash on it's devices.




          While I am a fan of Flex, I would not consider it, if the platform I was targeting was a mobile device, including an iPad.


          Hope that helps.


          Best Regards,


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            Athos2Dumas Level 1

            Thanks for that information – the reason I was investigating Flex was that I had interpreted that 4.5 would be iPad ‘compatible’. I was aware of the flash incompatibility – but I thought this had been ‘resolved’?

            I will re-read the Adobe material.

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              peterstb Level 1

              This article was written in April, and talks to support of iOS in June...




              It does appear as though there is currently some support for iOS, via mobile ActionScript, and perhaps the Adobe AIR runtime, but not currently in Flex, although it seems as though it might be available soon???


              function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}

              Flash Builder 4.5 release supports building mobile Flex projects for Android, as well as building mobile ActionScript projects for both Android and iOS. Updates to enable Flex development for iOS as well as both ActionScript and Flex development for BlackBerry PlayBook will be available shortly after the 4.5 release.


              Like I said...  I'm not much more than a newbie myself, and am very interested to see where all of this is going!


              Good luck with your project!


              Best Regarsd,