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    CS 5.5 renders apple pro res poorly compared to CS5.0



      Hi hi,


      This is my first time posting here.


      I'm experiencing a loss in the quality of text in my rendered video after migrating from cs5.0 to cs5.5, and I would like to know if there is any way cs5.5 could give a better render, or if I should switch back to cs5.0 for the time being.



      The video that I'm rendering consists of two videos: a video of a power point presentation, and a video of the speaker/presenter pip'ed over the power point video. The text on the power point slide is poor quality when exported from cs5.5 compared to the same video rendered in cs5.0 with the same settings.


      All of my source video is apple pro res LT codec, and was captured on a AJA Ki pro device. My sequences are setup as progressive to match the source.



      I'm exporting as MPEG2-DVD


      Export settings:





      Again, I've rendered the same project in both cs5.5 and cs5.0 each with the same export settings; however, the cs5.5 rendered video has blurry text (exspecially on the charactors such as the 'e') on the power point slides where the cs5.0 looks fine.



      system notes:


      I have the latest quicktime version installed.


      Working on window 7 systems.


      Comparison (Note: This is actually a pretty good case for cs5.5. Other slides in previous renders were much worse, but you can still see the difference here.):

      CS 5.5
      CS 5.0
      bad quality progressive timeline cs5.5 -2.pnggood quality progessive timeline CS5.0 -2.png