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    proportionate window size


      I am new in flex3 and i developing  transition viewer application.in that application click on thumbnail play
      the transition in preview window,in which on thumbnail load the specific xml file & this xml file(effect) created in effect creation application
      but in effect creation application it will play on window of size 720*576 & transition viewer application it will play on preview of size 200*130
      so my problem is how to proportionate window because it will take same size window(720*576)in transition viewer application of window size


      Please help me!

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          miguel8312 Level 3

          let me see if i follow you want to have muliple windows on stage and then you would like to al

          low them to have the same amount of space proporitonally on the stage right? if thats the case then you will need to use the stage.widht and stage.height object and methods and calcuate how much room you have and then proportianally size the windows. hope that makes sense.