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    Library project assets




      Im working on a project and i want to make it very easy to complie it for all platforms


      I made a Flex Library with 2 folders: classes and assets


      In the main project i can access the classes without problems, but i can't access assets

      In assets i have XMLs and JPGs



      My last try was adding the assets folder (from lib) as linked folder (to main)


      In the main project i have this code


              <fx:XML id="XMLvar1" source="assets/config/1.xml" />
              <fx:XML id="XMLvar2" source="assets/config/2.xml" />


      This is working!!


      But the images, for example


      <s:Image x="667" y="688" source="assets/images/img103.jpg"/>


      Is not showing



      Any idea why ?

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          _spoboyle Level 4

          it will depends on your project folder structure


          can you post that here


          you will probably need to either add the assets directory directly to your source path


          project properties->Flex build path->Source path->Add Folder




          assuming the assets directory is parallel to your src folder


          use <fx:XML id="XMLvar1" source="../assets/config/1.xml" />

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            Dragos0806 Level 1

            my structure is like this











            When i linked the folder assets to main_project i could see the image in the designer using path with ../assets/image/...

            But when i ran the app, the image didnt show. My guess is that images are not copied on build, but the XMLs are



            When i add the folder assets to main_project as source path the structure of main_project becomes



                 [source paths] assets

                                          config (here i have xmls)




            But i can't link the XMLs with the code


                    <fx:XML id="XML1" source="assets/config/1.xml" />
                    <fx:XML id="XML2" source="assets/config/2.xml" />


            I get Problem finding external XML, even if i put ../assets..


            Whats the right linking way when adding a folder as source path ?

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              _spoboyle Level 4

              ok based on that structure the ../assets i said is wrong and they way you did it originally should work as far as I am aware.


              since the assets folder is within the src folder it will already be added to the source path.


              you could try  <fx:XML id="XML1" source="/assets/config/1.xml" />


              but beyond that I am a little stumped. I might be able to find time to setup a project similar to yours a little later if i can replicate the issue i'll get back you you with a fix

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                Dragos0806 Level 1

                That would be great


                Please try put a image and a XML in a library project and load xml and display image in the main



                The main problem are the images.. never got a way to show them.

                To the xml i had access on a few configurations

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                  Dragos0806 Level 1

                  I finaly managed


                  The solution was to go on main_project -> flex build path ->source path


                  and add there lib_project/src


                  And no selecting the lib_project in flex build path/library path