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    Digital Signature Blocks usable for Reader




      I have created a PDF Document from Word document that way i can save paper by digitally signing these documents. I can sign it with my computer, using Adobe Acrobat 9, but when i try to sign it using Adobe Reader X, every time i click the digital signature block it looks at me like im retarded. This is all on the same computer. The network i am on uses digital ID's to log on and sign email and other digital documents, and a form created by another person is usable by adobe reader x. i tried to contact this person, but have not recieved a responce in over a month, and no phone calls.


      I look under security settings and preferences, but when i try to mirror them to the form that works to the one i created, they both look the same besides that the one that works has a password on it. Is there a different program i need to use besides adobe acrobat 9? im not sure how to use any of the other programs that comes with the suite.