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    English CS keyboard shortcut problems with Danish keyboard

    MogDaa Level 1

      Since we changed from CS1 to CS5 a few months ago we have been having constant problems with keyboard shortcuts.


      The problem shows in having no access at all or limited access to the keyboard-shortcuts in virtually all of the programs in the CS5 package. The package itself has english menus, is running on Win XP (Danish) and the installed languages on the OS are Danish and English (US).



      Example when being in InDesign using the shortcut for the increasing or reducing of marked text:



      Ctrl + Shift + Alt + dot key --> Increases text 10 pt and works


      Ctrl + Shift + dot key --> Increases text 2 pt and works



      Ctrl + Shift + Alt + comma key --> Reduces text 10 pt and works


      Ctrl + Shift + comma key --> Reduces text 2 pt and does NOT work




      Example when being in Illustrator using the shortcut for bringing an object to front or back:



      Ctrl + Shift + [ key --> Sends object to back and does NOT work


      Ctrl + [ key --> Sends object backward and does NOT work



      Ctrl + Shift + ] key --> Brings object to front and does NOT work


      Ctrl + ] key --> Brings object forward and does NOT work



      There are many more problems such as the one's mentioned above. To make things worse there is also - sometimes - the problem of the OS changing the language on it's own all of a sudden when working with the CS5 software package which forces a manual change back to the language in use and which does not happen outside CS5.



      Does anybody know a solution or a workaround to this problem or is it best to contact Adobe support directly?


      Any input is welcome...!


      Thanks in advance!

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The first question is are you using a custom set of shortcuts, and if so, did you copy the set from an earlier version? There are multiple reports that this is a problem and you should rebuild custom shorcut sets from scratch in CS5.


          Second, are you using a Danish Keyboard layout on the system? This might be a key mapping problem, but since I don't input multiple languages, I'm not versed in using non-US keyboards.

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            MogDaa Level 1

            Hi Peter,


            thanks for replying so quick.


            No custom set of shortcuts is used and nothing is copied from an earlier version. We use the standard shortcuts since there was a clean install of both the OS and subsequently the CS5 package. In fact I never touched anything on my own machine in regards to shortcuts and I strongly doubt that any of our other employees ever has done so.


            The physical keyboard on my XP machine is Danish as well as the standard language is set to Danish in the OS.


            This type of problem - to my honest knowledge - doesn't occur on any other occasion - i.e. when using Office 2007 so this seems entirely a problem when using CS5.


            Could I have overlooked something here...?

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              I think we'll need to wait for another of our non-US users to chime in.

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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                It seems plausible that InDesign has the wrong mappings for some Danish keys. Just yesterday Matt Laun posted an announcement topic at the head of the forum (easy to miss) referencing Pressing the Return key doesn't produce a paragraph break | InDesign CS5.5 Swedish | Mac OS.


                Danish isn't Swedish, but if nobody tested <RETURN> on a Swedish keyboard, it doesn't seem farfetched to imagine Cmd-[ went untested on a Danish one...


                Try opening Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts and choosing anything (how about About InDesign) and attempt to add one of thse problematic key combinations as a shortcut. Does it show up the way you expect, or does it show up as something completely different?

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                  MogDaa Level 1

                  John Hawkins --> Your post gave me the idea of (yes seems obvious and simple) customizing the shortcuts in the programs to my needs. Thus I did some digging in the "Keyboard Shortcut" in InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop and this is what I came up with.


                  InDesign --> I came to see that there actually is a standard setting called "Default Danish" (accept my apologies) and selecting those renders the shortcuts for i.e. increasing and decreasing text active and working again. I didn't try this out on many of the other shortcuts but within time - if there should be any more hassle - I'll report back here with my findings. However I do believe that this is what we were looking for so this problem ought to be solved. Sorry for not looking closer into that right from the start.


                  Illustrator --> The only setting here is "Illustrator Defaults" when looking into the keyboard shortcut menu. I don't know though if there is a possibility that there are some already customized Danish standards for download from Adobe's website or from somewhere on the net. Maybe someone put this out there but I just came up with the idea as of now. If anybody here knows if this is a possibility give me some feedback. It could be worth the trouble.


                  Photoshop --> The same story as with Illustrator. There is only the "Photoshop Defaults" listed in the keyboard shortcut menu. Maybe also here there is a possibility of download of some Danish standards from Adobe or the net. If anybody is aware of this option I'd be glad if you let me know, please. However it is important to notice that the shortcuts for the lot here also works with the Danish keyboard layout unlike Illustrator where i.e. the stacking order of the layer command doesn't seem to work plus probably some of the other US-keyboard commands.


                  I'll turn back here if I run into more of these problems and will refer to this link.


                  If - as mentioned - som of you know something about the option of downloading some predefined standards for the Danish keyboard-layout drop me some lines.


                  Thanks for all your help and input so far guys.

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                    John Hawkinson Level 5

                    Two missing letters (on).


                    Illustrator and Photoshop do not really use the same model that InDesign uses for shortcuts...the interface is pretty different, and I think it's different under the hood as well. I think you would be better off posting in their specific forums, rather than the InDesign forum.


                    Glad that InDesign works for you!

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                      MogDaa Level 1

                      Hi again,


                      I didn't understand this with "two missing letters (on)" but thanks for your advice and for taking the time to help me out. I'll also follow your advice on posting in the Illustrator and Photoshop forums and trawl the net for those ideas and solutions I suggested in my last post and see what I can come up with.


                      Until then thanks once again for all folks in here helping out with their great input.


                      Always a joy to come here and hear what others have to say...

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                        Nini Tjader Level 4

                        There is no solution for this for the Danish keyboard (or the Swedish which I use, but on a Mac) in Illustrator and/or Photoshop. You have to build your own. The default shortcuts are for English keyboard layouts only if you have an English application version. Which means many shortcuts don't work on our keyboards. I've always wished Adobe applications weren't so US English-centered when it comes to shortcuts and measures....

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                          MogDaa Level 1

                          Yes, I too wish that this will be considered and taken up for revision by Adobe... <-- Adobe staff, please read this!


                          When we were using the ancient CS1 in our company it was actually still in Danish and presumably could also be acquired in other languages until and including CS4 but hereafter our local Adobe support told us that Adobe wasn't selling these local language versions anymore (at least not in our country and language) and that there from now on only will be the US-English version.


                          Honestly, I don't care if it's all in English or Danish or whatever. I actually prefer English because it a) brings many thoughts and solutions together since more people can contribute to them b) it is easier to find these solutions on the net since most of it is in English anyhow and c) it doesn't really matter that the menus, help files, forums etc. are in English since I very easily master the language and can understand 99% of the terms and techniques described.


                          However when it comes to non-support of other language-keyboards and the shortcuts in the CS package it really starts to be a pain in the ...!


                          So there I am a bit tired of having all the working keys and settings in InDesign in Danish (or any other language for that sake) but awkwardly NONE whatsoever other than the US-keyboard standard in Illustrator and Photoshop.


                          That doesn't make any sense and kind of ticks me a bit off if I shall be frank because at a price-tag of about 2.000 USD if converted over here I'd expect this being a standard feature from Adobe for ALL programs...!


                          Let's hope they'll do something about that...!