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    enable transparent 'white areas' of my pictures that I layer above other pictures with 'keying'


      hi, i need to add a couple of pictures that have been set onto a white background. when i import them to my slide show the white background remains and i need it to be transparent so that the actual image looks like it fits nicely into the background picture. but without the background picture coming through the white parts in the center of the images im trying to import. for example, imagine a man with a white circle on his t-shirt, he is standing by a car, and this picture is on your computor white a white background, you dont want to spend hours 'cutting this image out' (painstakingly going around the car wheels etc...) so you import it as a standard rectangular shaped photo, but now its on your screen (on top of a race track picture for example) with all the extra white background around the man and car. i played with chroma key, green/blue screen, and opacity settings but cant seem to make the foreground picture (the man and car) "solid" so that the background picture cant be see through them, or through the mans white circle on his top. see what i mean??