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    Resize Transition Reversed?


      I have an image declared thusly:


      <mx:Image source="@Embed(source='x3650m2.png')" scaleX=".5" scaleY=".5" id="x4" includeIn="LoadBalancerAdd,Live"/>


      Later, when I transition to a new state, I apply the following effect chain:

      <s:Transition toState="Live">




      <s:Move target="{x4}" duration="1000"/>

      <s:Resize target="{x4}" widthBy="{x4.width*2}" heightBy="{x4.height*2}"/>







      I watch the effect take place, the item is moved and in fact resized.. But as soon as the resize is complete it reverts back to its original size..  Anyone know why?