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    VoIP SIP Client


      Now I know I'm not the only one seeking the ability to write a snazzy little Flash Application for SIP access. I am, however, the only one willing to start a neat little open source project to help, people like me, use SIP to its full potential.


      So here it goes, I'd like (and hope) to write a SIP client for two projects. The first is a for-profit endeavor for the company I work for, and the second is a not-really-for-profit webservice I own that would have its customers benefit from on-site VoIP call. Since they both require the same thing, I'm willing to open it up as an open source project to allow it to continue growing.


      The idea is this:


      A list of contacts (unassociated with the SIP client) have phone numbers or VoIP extensions. Click on the call button will activate a snippet of javascript that will communicate with the Flash SIP Client, sending instructions to dial. On the bottom of the screen the flash client will begin dialing, or ask for permission access cam and mic then dial. The sip client must also be able to receive inbound calls being projected to it from my VoIP server. Do all the things needed for a SIP client to do, such as hold, conference, mute, answer, and hangup calls.


      So I'm thinking the Flash Client will be a thin, virtually no interface, that will communicate with the onboard javascript. This thin-layer of flash would be invisible, to everyone except a developer maybe looking at trace information. Javascript would instruct the flash client to connect to SIP, establish calls, hangup, etc. Flash would also send instructions from the VoIP server to javascript such as incoming calls, text, sign off, messages... etc.


      So what I'm asking you as the community here at adobe for is somehelp. I've been Googling and found not to much helpful in this area.


      I know flash can communicate to javascript. I know Javascript can communicate to flash (Yahoo does it for their IM client). I know Flash can communicate with VoIP servers via sip. What I don't know is where to start writing this client. I herd that AIR has an API for such things, that maybe even flash has a SIP/VoIP API, where is it? If I have all this information I'll start a nice open source project on sourceforge, github, or something like that where I hope to get input and offer the very thing I'm looking for to people all over the net. Expand VoIP capabilities so we can truly see inexpensive solutions popping up over the net. With the advent of VoIP integrated telephony should not be an expensive effort.


      P.S. - Nothing says that when you sign in that the Flash API and Javascript components don't communicate with each other through another window to keep the SIP client connected. Also nothing says that when the main windows closed it doesn't disconnect the sip client and the user goes on his/her merry way... This IS possible, I just need to put the larger peices together.


      Let me know!

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          I am definitively interested. Will you contact me at radoslav  <At> everestkc.net.


          What about this: http://flashphoner.com/

          Is this totaly open source or you need to pay to be able to check out the code?



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            JonKaros Level 1

            FlashPhoner requires you to pay to adapt the code. I know quiet sad, plus I think its only client code not the gateway.


            From what I found, this is the problem: Flash and SIP can't talk with each other, at least not directly, but Flash can communicate with a flash server via RTMP. So I've did some research a current open source solution that exsits involves the sue of a "Red" Server and a SIP to RTMP gateway.


            I just installed them, and I'm still configuring but when that's done then all their is to it is creating a fantastic client.


            I'm thinking of an Adobe Air Client that can communicate with a server, such as recive events and such to integrate with the software. If this works the way I think it will, it will being SIP and VoIP services to customers better than other companies now out their... well at least dependent on instaltion.