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    How can I export a smallformat flatten PDF-file with transparant parts in?


      My post on a PDF - more clear with images (english):


      Deze post in nederlandstalige versie:





      I'dd like to export an Indesign-file (.indd) to a PDF-file that has to be:

      - the smallest possible file size

      - which displays images and text sharp on the screen
      - which also certainly remain transparent parts of .psd-files after exporting
      - that is flattened for easy print


      The problem?


      How and with which of settings can I export such a file from InDesign 5.0?

      If necessary in combination with some settings (after exporting) in our Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro?


      Further explanation


      The export file contains lots of text, graphics, photographs and drawings. Many of these items are .psd-files that contain transparent areas. The intention is that this transparent parts actually remain transparent even after exporting/flattening /decreasing the PDF.



      With InDesign 5.0?


      In the window Export Adobe PDF: (images see: http://www.logicontrol.be/gallery/documents/help-eng.pdf )


      Should I start from a default PDF preset   (if yes > which one??)

      Possibilities are: High Quality Print / PDFX-1a: 2001 / PDFX-3:2002 / PDFX-4:2007 / Press Quality / Smallest File Size


      Or is it better to create a PDF preset on my own?     (if yes > which settings??)


      Standard > PDF/X-format?

      Compatibility > PDF-version?

      Compression > If artwork should be compressed and downsampled, and if so,
                              which method and settings to I have to use

      Ouput > How can I control colors and PDF/X output intent profiles in the PDF-file?
      Advanced > How can I control fonts, OPI specifications, transparency flattening, and JDF instructions are

                        in the PDF file?


      With Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro?


      How can I reduce the file size extra, so more reducing after exporting into PDF ?

      How can I flatten the exported file (if not done during the export) ?


      !! Important, when I export/reduce/flatten the file, I ‘dd like that the parts of images who were transparent before, stays also transparent after !!


      WHAT CAN I DO ??