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    Accessing Layers And Layers with Layer style using VB.


      Hello everyone,


      I need to modify the text content of some ArtLayer using a VBscript.


      screen shot of the layers i use, one 'basic' ArtLayer and one with Layer Style.



      I wrote something like that and it works :


      gabarit.LayerSets("tous les textes éditables").ArtLayers("niveau x 3P").TextItem.contents = "my own text"



      when i try this on a ArtLayer with layer style i have a script error telling me that this element doesn't exists :


      gabarit.LayerSets("tous les textes éditables").ArtLayers("titre de la carte").TextItem.contents = "my own text"


      What the differences between those layers ? How can i modify the text of the second one ?


      Thanks for any Help !