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    CS 5.5 AE crash <DynamicLink>....




      I currently have a video split into 4 layers for easier editing / navigation . I have used the clone stamp tool to blur out numbers in the video and when going to a certain point in the video on the timeline (roughly around 20 seconds) it acts like it is rendering or decoding the frame or something and will continue to sit there until it completely freezes up, but the first 20 seconds of the video I can navigate through pretty seemlessly.



      x2 quad core xeons

      12gb RAM

      2gb NVIDIA Quadro

      1tb hard drive nearly empty

      win 7 x64


      Error Messages

      *a warning message pops up saying AE is crashing and gives the following:


      1.) <2620> <DynamicLink> <5> 000000001C7D8AEO

      2.) <5908> <DynamicLink> <5> 000000001C84BB40


      I'm not real sure as to what is happening so any feedback would be appreciated.


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          vannyj4 Level 1

          I am currently trying to Pre-Render the video to see if that does anything and it has been stuck on frame 611 exactly 00:20:10 into the film (20 seconds)

          for about 45 minutes

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Basically just 3 possibilities:


            - the footage is the most atrocious MPEG 4 from a photo camera with lots of open GOPs and missing index markers, throwing every app off that adheres to proper MPEG specs


            - the file is damaged or at least its storage location


            - you have a problem with your media cahce because the folder is damaged/ full/ fragmented


            for the latter two some info found here might help (keeping harddrives in shape), for the first only conversion in otehr tools like ffmpeg or SUPER© wil ease your pain....



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              vannyj4 Level 1

              Thanks! I think I figured it out....The video is older / not the best quality but I think the problem was that it was on the network drive so whatever I was asking it

              to do took twice as long to do because it had to map everything back to the network drive it was stored on. Pulling the file to my local machine seems to have brought much more stability to everything..

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                Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                Thanks for reporting back with what worked for you.

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                  vannyj4 Level 1

                  well i thought I had it figured out but today things are different. when I click on a layer

                  to edit it I can skim through the rest of the video no problem but the active layer sits there trying to load the current frame and continues to sit there until it either a. freezes up or b. sits there until i move to a different point in time in the video or navigate to a different layer. Once in a different layer I can go seek through via the timeline and see the video fine, however if I try to edit a frame within the layer it will not load, it just sits there with the status bar full acting likes its chewing on something.