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    Images won't stay linked in Premiere Pro CS5

    ChrisLauritzen Level 1

      A simple slide show has always been so easy.  Then I upgraded from CS3 to CS5 and bought a new super computer with all the bells and whistles.  Now I can't even do a slide video.  I've got a couple hundred slides.  I import the links into Premiere and pretty soon some of them start getting confused.  The thumbnail looks great then I open it in the source window and it's the wrong image.  Sometimes just the thumbnail changes and the image remains the same.  Sometimes they both change.  I've tried using smaller groups.  Moving the photos from one drive to another. I even moved the project file.  I've tried taking them off-line and then re-linking them.  I've moved them from one file to another and then tried relinking.  I've re-imported the photos and then modified them and re-saved them (this worked sometimes). These are all J-PEGs of all sizes (300k to 6megs). Once the link changes the only way to make it right is to totally remove the old image and re-import it. This happens even before I put the photos on the line. I've been using Premiere in one iteration or another for over ten years and I'm baffled.  (I do love the fact that when it does work EVERYTHING renders on the fly!)  Thanks for your help.