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    How do I get the flash player to stop when I change to the home page

    Thomas Golaszewski

      Hi all;

      I'm building a  website in flash using my limited understanding of action script.   Everything was progressing very well until I found that if I go to one  of my example pages of my web site and play the flash video (with audio)  and click back to my "home" button, the audio will continue to play.   If I go back to the example page, the video is off and when I start the  video, it plays again with the other audio.  I hear the audio twice! I  know there is an action script to handle this but, I can't figure it  out.


      My question is, How do I stop the audio when I click away from the example page back to the home page or any other page?

      Thanks in advance for your help.

      I'm using Flash CS4 and a Mac OS operating system.