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    AE CS5: My Illustrator map is totally blurry after applying CC Sphere

    joric Level 1

      Please see these screen grabs.
      Please download the images to see them full size.

      I have a vector map of the world that I created in Adobe Illustrator for a documentary about World War I.

      But when I wrap my map around the "CC Sphere" to create a globe, any dolly in/zoom in/scale up causes the borders of the states to become totally blurry. This DOESN'T happen when the map is in 2D. Notice that in the screen grab "MAP-SHARP BORDERS" I have upscaled my map to 700% and it remains tack sharp because it's a vector map. So why isn't this the case after applying the CC Sphere effect?

      Am I even using the right plug-in??? I thought that CC Sphere was the way to go to wrap a map round a globe. But I want to be able to zoom in without getting a blurry image. Even though I have "continuously rasterize" turned on, it doesn't seem to work with CC Sphere.

      Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.