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    Submitting Data to a LiveCycle Process from a PDF


      Hello there

      What is the best\recommended way to submit data (as XML) from a pdf to a LiveCycle process?  I am using LiveCycle version 9.

      If you use a standard HTTP post, it looks like you have to write some besoke software (outside of LiveCycle) on your server to accept the posted data, and to pass on this data to LiveCycle using the LiveCycle process’s web service end point.

      If you  use a WSDL data connection, it looks like you have to copy the whole of the data to and from a bound field on the form, which again looks a little cumbersome.

      Is it possible to use JavaScript to call the LiveCycle process’s web service endpoint “directly” using JavaScript, with the data to submit as a JavaScript variable?

      If so, are there examples of how to do this?

      I imagine this would be a fairly common requirement for LiveCycle Server users.

      N.B. are there any differences in the security of the two approaches?

      Many thanks