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    Flash CS5 advance playhead to next scene

    stephenh44161733 Level 1


      Please forgive simple question, I haven't used Flash for ages.

      In Flash CS5 does anybody know how to advance playhead to frame 1 of next scene? I maybe mistaken, but I thought older versions of Flash would do it automatically.

      My scenes are looping which is fine for some but not for others.


      I thought I used to put a "goto and play" action on last frame to return to frame 1 of current scene if I wanted it to loop.

      Otherwise it would advance to next scene.

      I cant find "go to and play" action except a clickable one which you attach to a button.


      I tried to add a behavior but get the message

      "This feature is not supported by ActionScript 3.0. To use this feature, you must

           target ActionScript 1.0-2.0"


      thanks in advance for sharing your wisdom