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    Converting ePUB to PDF

    Johann Unbekannt



      I want to convert a non DRM-ePUB-file into PDF. I tried it in 2 ways:


      1.) Converting Online: I got a searchable PDF, but the layout is absolutely not suitable.


      2.) I used a virtual PDF-Printer driver: I got a well layout PDF, but the PDF is NOT searchable. Mhh. I asked the PDF-Printer driver vender, if there is a bug. He told me, no, it seems that ADE does not send text/font information, when printing into PDF using a virtual PDF-Printer driver.


      I also tried different offline converters, but they all give no suitable results.


      Can some help me? I want to get a seachable PDF from a ePUB, that has a well layout.


      Best Regards