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    PDF Forms in Firefox - infinite loop



           I am a developer who is using PDF forms (FDF) to populate data into a database via form submission. Everything works fine on Internet Explorer but, on Firefox 3.6.17 with Adobe Reader X, I either end up getting a blank form when launched from an FDF which has valid data OR, I get into a situation where new firefox windows come up continuously in what appears to be an infinite loop (have to log out to end the recursion). Anyway, figured I'd see if anybody here had seen that before and, if so, if there's a solution to it?



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          I have a similar problem, but apparently in the inverse direction. We recently "upgraded" to Acrobat X (Version 10.1).


          I have a web application that uses data in a database to populate a PDF form displayed in a browser window. (Display in browser window is checked.) At the beginning of August, we started to get an infinite loop whenever trying to display the form.


          Behavior pattern:


          (1) Click the link that's supposed to open the new form. A new IE window opens (as is supposed to happen). Status says "connecting" but there's nothing in the  URL.


          (2) 1/2 second later, a file download popup appears.


          (3) 1/2 second later,  Adobe Acrobat window appears (as if I had run Acrobat as a program). There are 4  windows on the screen at this point, including the normal application window.


          (4) After a 1/2  second delay, system goes into infinite loop, displaying (1) and (2) in an  infinite sequence.Window 3 (Acrobat) seems to simply stay open. Howeve


          Cycle time is about 1/2 second for all 3  popup windows to display one time. This occurs on 19 different  computers (different models, but all running Windows Vista Enterprise, Internet Explorer 7 and Acrobat 10.1.