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    Very Annoying Browser Error - Please Help

    David8765 Level 1



      I   have Acrobat Pro CS3 set as default for reading pdf's, because I often   have to edit the pdf's I open. This works fine with pdf's I open from   disk.


      However, it seems that somehow Acrobat Pro has  taken  over as default for opening pdf's inside browsers as well. My  plugins  list in FF shows "Adobe Acrobat Adobe PDF Plug-In For  Firefox  and Netscape". Whenever I navigate to a page which is a pdf,  the entire  Acrobat Pro external program opens, displaying a blank page  and an error  message popup - when I click OK on the error, the  application closes  and the pdf opens in the browser window - sometimes  this requires  several tries before the pdf opens in the browser.


      Here is an image showing the error message and the FF plugin installed: http://terraffirma.com/images/PDF-error.jpg


      I have Reader 10 installed on the system, and I updated from 9 this week - it did not correct this. (at this point, I have also tried uninstalling reader entirely - no change)


      Any   suggestions on how to set my system up with Acrobat Pro as default for   opening pdf's from disk, and having browser open PDF's directly using an internal plugin or something?


      Thank you.