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    ePub files HTML or XHTML?

    nonsequito Level 1

      Until today, I was exporting ePub files from Pages. It produces XHTML ePub files, which I then edited in BBEdit. The edits worked, but there were myriad other problems, so…


      …I bought CS5.5 and…


      I noticed several things:


      1. InDesign 5.5 doesn't export XHTML formatted files, but HTML.


      2. When I checked the syntax of these files in BBEdit, there were the following errors:


           Unknown or invalid DOCTYPE detected; syntax checker will assume "HTML 5".

           Document type doesn't permit attribute "xmlns" within element "<html>".

           Document type doesn't permit attribute "xml:lang" within element "<div>".


      3. In addition, when I rezipped and sent the ePub to iBooks, the formatting I'd added wasn't there (though it had previewed perfectly in BBEdit and browsers).


      4. I then replaced everything above the opening <head> element with the lines from a Pages-exported file. The error messages disappeared, but the formatting still wasn't there in iBooks.


      As a near-novice, I can't figure out what's going on. Is there some kind of mismatch between XHTML and HTML?