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    Incompatible Version of Flash Catalyst


      I downloaded the Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 Project file from http://flashcats.net and when I tried to open the project in Flash Catalyst CS5 it won't let me and it yells "Flash Catalyst cannot open this project because it was created by an incompatible version of Flash Catalyst."


      What's up with this?



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          levancho Level 3

          I have noticed that nobody from adobe is anwering this question? and i beleive this is kind of message " we are not there yet" which is quite bad because it has been under development for more than 3 years.

          In my case I have a all spark components in my application and still receiving this message when I ty to edit it in catalyst so I am starting to question an real usability of the catalyst beyond ease of designing skins and then sending it over to flash builder, i my opinion  editng flash builder in catalyst is extremly limited,and if you are lucky to get it working I beleive

          you have to have only buttons and lists in your application.


          correct me if I am wrong anybody?