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    [JS] Tag and script

    Liphou Level 2


      I script converted into an XML tag and unworthy I MEETS two problems.

      - To have to put a letter in the text to lift the Я but I do not see how
      without OTF

      - Also have to make two lists but I can not put an anchor text in the txt file, much less refer to it.


      Thank you






      Je scripte un fichier XML convertie en tag d'indigne et je recontre deux problème.

      - de dois mettre une lettre à lever dans le texte le Я mais je ne vois pas comment faire sans OTF


      - de dois aussi faire deux listes mais je ne parvient pas à mettre une Ancre de texte dans le fichier txt et encore moins y faire référence.

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          Liphou Level 2

          t there some way to simplify



          <ParaStyle:NormalParagraphStyle><Hyperlink:=<HyperlinkName:.279><HyperlinkDest:.274><Hyper linkDestKey:1><CharStyleRef:><HyperlinkLength:8><HyperlinkStartOffset:0><Hidden:1><BrdrVis ible:0><BrdrWidth:Thin><BrdrHilight:None><BrdrStyle:Solid><BrdrColor:0\,0\,0>>Philou    1
          <HyperlinkDestDefn:=<HyperlinkDestName:.274><HyperlinkDestKey:1><HyperlinkDestPage:1><Hype rlinkDestPageZoomType:Fit in Window><HyperlinkDestPageZoomFactor:1><Hidden:1>><BookmarkDefn:=<BookmarkName:Philou><Boo kmarkDestName:.274><BookmarkLevel:1>>

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            Liphou Level 2



            how to make a cross reference indesign javascript or insert an anchor text in a text file for tag indesign...

            Thank you

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              Kasyan Servetsky Level 5

              how to make a cross reference indesign javascript...

              Hi Philippe,


              I didn't understand what you are trying to achieve from your posts, but I can give you an example of the script that creates cross-references.