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    EPUB Export issues

    sperry1975 Level 1

      I seem to be locating several problems with the new ebup export.  This time the issue is when I try exporting a book file with over 20 chapters the epub export causes indesign to crash.  I've tried it several times and the furthest the progress bar has gotten is 1/3 of the way before crashing indesign.  Anyone have any ideas on this one?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          OS and InDesign version?


          Divide and conquer. Cut your book in half to find the problem, and repeat until you find the source.

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            marcusstringer Level 3

            I do alot of epub with 60+ chapter files, without a problem...

            I'd suggest closing all open programs before opening ID and do the convert

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              sperry1975 Level 1

              I don't know what was running in the background that was causing InDesign to crash when I ran the epub export but now that I've restarted the machine (Windows 7) and restarted InDesign CS 5.5 the epub export works fine.  Though I'm still noticing problems with both the TOC and Cover image being exported at the same time.  When that is done the TOC is not incorporated into the epub.  This isn't much of a concern at the moment since I can always use some freeware to add that in.  I'm also puzzled that I can't add the author information in bridge.  InDesign locks the epub up so that the author, title, etc can not be edited in bridge.  But once again I can always use freeware to do this.  Thanks for the help you two.