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    Serious problem requiring URGENT assistance please!


      I've been editing a short film shot on RED in 4k using Premiere Pro CS5 but have encountered an error with the following message when I last tried opening the project:

      Premiere Pro has encountered an error



      There's a button to continue after which, Premiere runs into a serious error and has to close. This happens everytime I open the project and literally started out of the blue it seems! I can "recover" the project and continue work on the edit by creating a new premiere project and importing the old one into the new one but the problem then persists after saving and closing the project and re-opening on my next session!


      The other major problem that this is causing is that I cannot export .AAF or .OMF files out to my sound designers - the export will begin but then the progress bar will "hang" and not go any further. I previously exported an .AAF and .OMF for this project as a test to make sure it will all work and it was fine, but since getting the above error and having to create fresh projects out of old projects I cannot get these files out to complete the film! This problem also extends to things using dynamic link it would seem - for example, if I try to export the timeline using AME, the progress bar will get stuck at "connecting to dynamic link" though curiously if I do a direct export through Premiere I have no problems and can export an encoded video. Also, it seems I can still export edl's and FCP xml successfully, though after successfully importing an xml back into a new premiere project, the error struck again soon after when I tried to select the entire timeline and copy it to the clipboard to paste it into a new sequence!


      I thought it might be an idea to delete all the temp files in the media cache folder buried deep within my c:drive, thinking that may be causing the error, but to no avail as I still get the error issue.


      I'm getting very worried about the integrity of my project and all my hard work being ground to a halt or worse still totally corrupted so I would appreciate any assistance from someone who may have a solution to this problem! This has been a real pain as the edit has been going swimmingly up until now and we're fast approaching a deadline we were trying to make for submission to some film festivals, so I desperately need to get this to work so I can export the omf and aaf at the very least to my sound guys!


      Thank you all in advance,




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          milkykaush Level 1

          Ok, so I seem to have pinpointed the problem a little further... here are my findings so far:


          So, the project I am running has multiple sequences. I've been using different sequences for different progressions of the cut, so if I made a major revision to a cut, I would duplicate the sequence, rename the copy and continue work within this new sequence to cut further.


          I just did a test trying to export an OMF from a sequence iteration previous to the most current one that I'm working within and the export works just fine! In fact, I then proceeded to trying the export from all other previous sequences (I four or five in the project in total) and they all work fine when trying to export etc - it's just the most up-to-date cut that is bugging and I can't figure out for the life of me why this is the case!!!


          The last test I tried was trying to copy and paste the contents of the troublesome sequence into a newly created sequence (I did so by first duplicating and then with that failing, creating a completely fresh sequence instead) but I must be copying over the error/bug as that new sequence suffers the same export issues as I have already detailed in my original post.


          If anyone can help me with this issue that would be wonderful as it's getting quite frustrating being such a weird little bug that is setting our schedule back!


          Thanks again in advance,




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            Jim_Simon Level 8

            My guess would be a corrupt media clip that is used in the problem sequence but no others.

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              Andrey V Level 2

              Try to create totaly new project and then import the old one. Most of the time this helps a lot. All errors and missing plugs will be ignored. I am not sure if it will workt totaly 100% on red but works on other formats great.

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                milkykaush Level 1

                Hi Andrey


                Thanks for the suggestion but I already tried this multiple times but still get the error after I close this new project and re-open it... I am now beginning to suspect, as suggested above that I have some bit of corrupted media on the sequence that is causing the crashes and I'm narrowing this down to probably being an audio file perhaps.


                My current solution is copying and pasting small groups of the cut into a new sequence, slowly reconstructing the cut "brick for brick" so to speak, and testing to see if this new sequence begins getting buggy by exporting an OMF file at each stage to see when it stops exporting successfully and begins "hanging" again. This should zero in on the problem hopefully and it's only a 10 minute film so it's not going to take a lifetime thankfully!


                If there are any other suggestions that would be a little less painful it would be very much appreciated to share them with me!!








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                  BrothersCorral Level 1

                  In case anyone needs to see this bug actually happen, take a look at my video which shows you how to activate the bug/crash:




                  Its about 8min long because I show you step by step on how to create it.

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                    milkykaush Level 1

                    Thanks for adding your vimeo demo Carlos!


                    For everyone else I recently wrote up an update about the issue I was suffering and managed to resolve manually - though this is definitely not a solution and needs to be fixed by Adobe! Here is the link to my write-up that may help anyone getting their head around similar issues they may be running into when converting a project from one program to another using a translation process like XML:


                    https://skydrive.live.com/view.aspx/Premiere%20Issue/Lost%20in%20Translation.docx?cid=7a3f c1a1c1681c0e&sc=documents


                    In the meantime, another way to get around the issue when moving from FCP to CS5/CS5.5 for example is perhaps using a combination of XML for the video portion of your projects and then EDL for the audio, as the issue seems to be linked to a limitation in the type of audio that can be exported by the xml file formats!