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    Merge Data Multiple records problem (repeats data)

    Mr.Unex S 1

      I'm tring to creat some cataloge pages with 4 images, codes, dicritons etc per page.

      i have a excel sheet which I've saved to a CSV file for a data source. i have a single page with the first record at the top and enogh room to repeat the record 4 times on the page. When I do the data merge I'v selected multiple records per page and put in all the settings and spacings I want.


      Everything looks fine when i click on the multiple reports prevew but when i do the actual merge most of the merges copy the same data with only a few records using different data. It's generating the correct number of records and pages with 4 records per page but repeatiing the same record,except for 2 records which were different before going back to the repeated record. Also the record it repeats is not the first record on the list, it's about the 6 of 16.

      I'm using CS5 version of Indesign.


      Any one have any sugestions to get it working corrctly or is this a fault wiyh CS5?