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    Please help newbie with basic video editing question


      Thanks for looking.  I just purchased Adobe Premiere Elements 9 and am working on my first project.  All of the videos I imported for this project were shot on 8mm tape, and they all have a small band at the bottom that shows nothing but noise or static.  Other than that they look good.


      Is there a way I can cut the bottom off of these vidoes in my production?  Like place a frame around the video that obscures the bottom 1/2 inch of video or so?




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          Ted Smith Level 3

          That is the small gap caused by the change between frames on the tape not being correctly positioned in the vertical blanking interval.

          On some VCRs there is a framing adjustment but probably not on your camera.

          It is normally not seen on old analog TVs because they overscan but flat sacreens now generally show the complete frame.


          You can mask it in PE9 by making the whole picture slightly larger and moving ot slightly down.

          Click on the preview area and you will see white rectangle with dots in the corners.

          Drag these dots arond and down to increase the whole picture size  and move the whole picture down so the noise is hidden.


          This will make the picture slightly more blurry so if you want to keep it the same you can insert a black mask or crop effect instead but this will be visible in your finished product. Search Help for this.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            This noise is on virtually all video to some extent. But because all TVs cut off a little of the edge of all video, it almost never shows up when the video is played on TV.


            I recommend you don't worry about it. Trying to fix it will likely cause more trouble than it's worth.