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    My code is disgusting!

    Adrien. Level 1

      Its true - Ok so I am woking on a flash cat project that is expected to probably be about 10-20 states. (reduced from 40 after redesigning).


      Currently I have 9 states and when imported into flash builder


      I have probably about 20-50 components and my main.mxml is about 1-1500 lines of code. (about 400 of that is actionscript)


      How do developers developing large applications deal with this and clean up this type of code?

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          Adrien. Level 1

          So I take it no one cleans up there code or has any tips?

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            Chris W. Griffith Adobe Community Professional

            No one loves generated code. That is a given. But how to work with it in this case. Since until recently, the ability to round-trip with Flash Builder was not available outside of the pre-release program, the solution I alwasy recommend is to work in small chunks of the appilication. Don't try to build the entire UI at one time in Flash Catalyst. Build a small portion, bring that into Flash Builder, modify to fit your coding style. Then repeat. I would only build a full UI if I was creating a proof of concept or prototype.


            Chris Griffith