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    Flash CS5 interface corruption


      I'm using Flash CS5 on Win7 SP1, nVidia G210, 8gb ram, q9400. All drivers etc up to date. Single monitor configuration.


      This is a computer I am provided with while I work onsite. I am having severe corruption issues. Sometimes the fly out panels appear on the opposite side of the monitor, scroll bars duplicate and appear over the top of my work, and the toolbar just disappears completly until I mouse over each button and force flash to redraw them. It seems to be redraw issues of flashs actual interface, not my work.


      Not sure how flash renders its own interface, but my .NET framework and java is up to date if that makes any diff.

      Is this an incompatibility with the video card? I've never seen this before and I wasnt able to find any solutions while googling, or even mentions of this issue, unless I was just searching for the wrong keywords.


      Im going to try clocking the g210 down a few mhz to see if this fixes the problem, but I doubt a G210 would get very hot. I've tried compatibility modes to no avail. Anyone familiar with this issue?

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          DontReadThisorThis Level 1

          I'm not certain but I think I may have just solved my issue.

          The computer logs into an MS terminal server which doesnt seem to apply any specific security settings to its accounts, yet the adobe applications did not seem to have proper permissions (even though CS5 DP is installed to the local drive???)

          I gave full permissions to "everyone" for Flash and now my redraw issues seem to have stopped. We'll see how it goes for the rest of the day. Hasnt happened again in the last 10 minutes, normally happens within 10 secs.

          Also turned off UAC, but I doubt that was the issue.