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    [[DYNAMIC]]/3 appened in url


      Currently I am working on Flex+Java project. The html+swf files created are deployed on webserver and Java EAR on appserver. The swf and html wrapper are kept on protected domain. So if someone hits these html(say abc.html) wrapper directly and no session cookie exist, a Login (say login.jsp) page appears. This login page stores the referer url, so after authetication, request can be redirected to requested page(abc.html).


      Ideally the referer in the login page (login.jsp) should be that of the html wrapper(abc.html) but it is somehow changing to

      abc.swf[[DYNAMIC]]/3, which is not recognized by the webserver and I get 'Page cannot be found error'


      Not sure why is this happening. Does Flex engine changes the referrer header of http request? Or is there is other issue?