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    Searching a chm


      Hi there,


      Anyone know how you search a chm for special characters? In our product, we have a group template with a [S] suffix. And I have documented these group templates in my help file. But if I want to find this section in the chm, how do I search for [S]? Using quotes (or double qoutes) doesn't work.


      Many thanks, Nicky

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          RoboColum(n) Level 5

          Searching for [S] suffix in a CHM should find the result. However can you clarify what you mean by "templates". It sounds like this is just text in a topic somewhere. Perhaps if you give us a more concrete example of what you are trying to search on and where it appears in the text.


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            Nicky58 Level 1

            Hi Colum,


            Searching for [S] does not work (maybe this is because we have an old copy of RoboHelp - X5.0.2?) - this just finds any instances of an uppercase S.Yes, 'template' is simply text in several topics. For example, I have the following text in a topic:


            ..... but you can also create a subgroup template for sale items (and this stock  record can be used to store the stock quantity of sale items for the subgroup).  This stock record is appended with [S]. You create this  stock record ....


            So I want to search for [S].



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              RoboColum(n) Level 5

              OK. I've got you now. I can confirm that the same is happenign for me also. To be honest the RH version you have is not the cause as the Microsoft HTML Help compiler used by RH hasn't been changed in years. I also don't think you are going to find a solution to this. You can use boolean statements in the search but this does not seem to pick up the special characters.


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                Nicky58 Level 1

                OK, well at least I know. Thanks Colum.