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    BUG CS5 - Importing Word *.doc - Missing footnotes

    Dimitra.p Level 1

      After upgrading to CS5, several Word *.doc Documents I was trying to import to Indesign (CS5) were missing some of their footnotes. Luckily, a missing glyph warning was indicated where the missing footnote was supposed to be.


      The problem appears to be a wrongly imported footnote reference marker and as a result, the footnote is not imported at all.


      After trial and error, no matter what the import options selected, the problem persisted... until I tried to save the Word document in *.rtf format.


      It appears there is a Bug in Indesign CS5 properly importing Word *.doc with footnotes.


      As a reference, I'm working on Windows 7 (64) and Word 2007 (Document saved in Word 97-2003 *.doc format)