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    Argh, so frustrated!! Difficulties exporting..


      I hate Flash, I really do. It's a horrendous Godforsaken program that has given me many hours of pain and confusion and angst and I can't wait for this unit to be over.


      I made a nice Flash project for an assignment. I've connected it to some spreadsheets to filter in data, I've drawn up stuff for the interface, but I can't export a working version. It works perfectly when it's on my computer, but as soon as I upload the SWF file to FileDen so I can put it on my academic blog for an assessment, the thing breaks and it doesn't do anything.


      I'll even show you what I mean:



      This is what it looks like. It doesn't do anything. Stuff is supposed to move and be interactive and animated etc etc but it's just not working. Am I missing something big here that stops me from uploading a working flash file? I must be missing something! I can't find any answer on Google where people have the same problem, so there's no other reason other than I'm too stupid to see the answer right in front of me. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong?