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    Search Window "Loses" Option Button for the Index

    Tom Kettle

      Greetings All,


      This issue is apparent in versions 8, 9, and X, the only versions I tried or needed to try.


      I know the cause but I need a fix a normal user can handle.


      I have a large set of documents for which I make an index.  When a user opens the cover document, the index is setup to load to allow the user to use that index to search the document set.  When the user brings up the search window, one of the things that happens is that a message box pops up and informs the user that the index file is about to load using the following sentence:


      "This document is trying to load the Catalog Index [index path and name].  If you trust this document, you can click on Load to allow loading of this index."  The choices the user has is a "Load" button, a "Cancel" button, and a check box labeled "Don't ask me again for this index".


      The problem comes up when a user checks the check box to "Don't ask me again for this index" and choses to "Cancel", because they aren't sure and not loading something they don't know seems to be the safe, conservative thing to do.   Once they do this, there is no way that I can find to easily use that Catalog Index.


      If the user chooses "Load" whether or not they check the check box, the standard search window will contain an option button that is preselected to have the user search "In the index named [index name].  This provides a very firm visual that the user is using the correct index file.


      I know one can go to the advanced search and use the "Look In" and choose indexes, but that depends on the user knowing where the correct Catalog Index is located - most of my users will not know that information.   And even if they do all that successfully, it never brings back the option button visual on the normal search window even though it is using the correct Catalog Index.


      How can I easily turn on the option button for the correct Catalog Index file on the standard search window?





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          Tom Kettle Level 1

          No easy fix found yet - however, I have figured out a difficult fix.   Editing the registry -




                              Acrobat Reader,





          Modify the value back to 0 causes the message box to become active again.


          Not a pretty fix, but at least I can get things working again.


          I wish there was a user interface choice to turn the message box back on.





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            Gellibrand ComCrew

            I am having the same issue. Unlike Tom, I'm not 100% sure why this is occuring. So, please excuse my ignorance. Hopefully someone can offer some advice.


            It seems to happen on some users computers and not others. Some have reader 9 others have X, some have acrobat pro 8, others X. I can't find a common thread for why it happens for some and not others. Does the pop-up actually refer to the file type and not the "document" (i.e. once it has been ticked and clicked to load one pdx it won't show again for others)? Or is there another reason that it is only happening for some people?


            I would really like to save myslef from editing registry values or training people in using the advanced search 'look in' feature if at all possible so any help would be very much appreciated.