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    Acrobat Reader X / 10 - javascript console problem / crash



      I develop adobe interactive forms and need javascript console badly!


      My system:

      Windows XP Prof.

      Acrobat Reader 10 (free)

      Internet Explorer 8

      Adobe Livecycle Designer ES 9 (latest version)


      The javascript console works just fine if I start an adobe form "native" = with Acrobat Reader X directly.

      But if I use Adobe Livecycle Designer (latest version) [the issue also described here], the console just crashes / disappears right after it started.

      The same happens if I open the pdf-file (adobe interactive form) with Internet Explorer.



      - When using Acrobat Reader "native":

                   console will open up on javascript syntax errors or by klicking a button (   javascript = console.show();    )

      -  When using Internet Explorer or Adobe Livecycle Designer:

                    the same pdf file cannot view the javascript console. it just "disappears immideatly" / crashes


      There is any technical support for Acrobat Reader expect this forum - so I was told when I called adobe hotline.

      I hope anyone could actually help me here.