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    All books in my Library are gone.


      This morning I wanted to download a free book from online.  I followed the normal procedures to have it on Adobe Digital Additions.  Once that was completed with no problems and the book showed up, I then decided to return the only library book I had on there.  I "returned" the book and now I have no books at all in my library. Anyone had this problem before? Can someone help me? I am not computer smart so I need direction here.  Thanks.

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          Yes, same thing happened to me this morning.  I have 50-60 books in my library.  Downloaded a new one and transferred it to my kobo with no problems.  Then when I went back into ADE all my other books were gone.  I manually added them back in but I still don't know why they disappeared in the first place.

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            SInce I posted my problem I have uninstalled ADE and reinstalled it.  I can download my library books with no problem but it will not save books from other sources on the internet.  It will load them but when I go back my library is empty again. The way I am solving this problem for now is I am using ADE for library books only.  I did some research online for another "digital bookshelf" and found Calibre.  I have been able to download to Calibre and all my books stay, for now.  This program also allows you to change book formats for all the different ereaders so I found this very helpful.  Good luck managing your ebooks  

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              All of my books are gone too... Did anyone figure out how to fix the issue?  I had purchased 59 books... Any practical help is appreciated!

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                I lost evry single book I had over 450 books and they all are gone ADE looked like it was installing something and then when it stopped my entire library was GONE EPUBBUD.com has LOADS of free books main stream titles

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                  Seems as if everybody is having the same problem... but I don't see one post with an answer here, did you find a way to get your books back??