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    Best editing format (now I've ditched Matrox)


      I've finally ditched Matrox due the incredible instability, and am now using 2nd monitor to preview picture.


      Question... When starting a new project (containing a mix of HD source material - Quicktime, Matrox encoded, MPEG etc), what's the best 'format' preset to use?  Now Matrox is out of the equation, I'm presented with HDV, AVDHC etc etc.  Which 1920 x 1080 preset is universally 'best' for a variety of HD source?




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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          The one that matches your source material. That of course depends on the camera and the shooting mode and you are the only one who knows what settings you used during you shoots.

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            AdamJRead Level 1

            Yes, but I have 'mixed' source footage in this particular project (matrox, HDV, QT etc), so I need the 'best common denominator' preset.


            On a separate issue, I'm finding the quality of the 'video' monitor (effectively 2nd monitor) to be shocking.  It's fine when the CTI is static, but as soon as I render/play my sequence, it all looks very aliased - certainly nothing I'd want to show a client, and questionable from a QC perspective.


            Is this normal?  I have tried both DVI and HDMi outputs from my GTX470 and several different monitors, but get the same/similar results.


            Any advice appreciated




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              Andrey V Level 2

              Well first of all at what resolution your playback is set? Also for playback in SC5 in preview window there is option for fields, so which field you playback upper, lower and both fields (progressive)? I typically use upper field for playback when I edit AVCHD or QuickTime HD footages.

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                Igor Valentovitch Level 1



                I have an off-topic question: I'm following your thread and I've noticed that you use GTX470. I'm thinking of upgrading from GTX260 to 470 due to constant OpenGL problems with GTX260 when used with PrPro and After Effects (CS5). Are you happy with the compatibility of GTX470 with PrPro and have you ever experience any OpenGL problems with this card? Thanks