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    How to Load an image from a network drive, AIR app, Flex 4

    Little Brain

      Hi, I'm trying to dynamically load an image into my AIR application, built using Flash Builder 4.


      I've checked everything I can think of. At runtime, I can load an image from the local file system but when I try to get my image from the network drive, it just comes up blank. If I embed the network image so that it is loaded at compile time, it shows up fine. The system only fails on runtime, network drive.


      I have set the compiler option -use-network=true


      Below is my code.


      private function preview(evt:MouseEvent):void {




      <s:Button x="56" y="1" label="Preview" id="btnPreview"

        click="preview(event);" />


      I'd be very grateful for any suggestions/assistance.


      UPDATE: the solution seems to be to link to a mapped drive, and to add extra backslashes. So a file name like this works:



      My immediate problem is solved, but I'd be grateful if anybody can explain to me why the \\ is required?