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    State Change causing tree item to loss selected item highlight


      I'm looking for some guidance on a situation i'm encountering. I've an application with a tree component which will be used as a report selector in all view states. The parent nodes are not selectable but the children are. Each child has a for a lack of a better term parameter classification. When a report item is selected in the tree then a state change occurs and displays the appropriate parameter selection view.


      My issue is this. Upon clicking an item and displaying the new state for the first time, the selected item in the tree losses the visual representation or highlight around the selected item. But within the debugger it still shows which item is the selectedItem.  Once the state has been displayed at least once...i.e. I select other items and then eventually back to initial tree item when the state changes it does not loss the highlight on the selected tree item.


      Couple things I've tried to see if i'm in the right neck of the woods is use the currentStateChange and currentStateChanging handlers to do a bit of tracing and found that the tree item remains selected all the way through both currentStateChanging and then even in the currentStateChange...the redraw occurs just after which is when the tree item losses its highlight.


      Does anyone have any ideas or even encounter this?