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    Adobe DRM Activator error (client code 31); HTTP code 404. Fault location: 15


      dear all,


      a few years ago I installed and configured Adobe Digital Editions. I bought some ebooks as well. Meanwhile I have switched my computer. And today I discovered my ebooks. I clicked on them and the system tells me that I have to install ADE and to activate the computer. So I successfully downloaded ADE installed it and activeated it.


      ADE immediately shows me all the books I bought years ago. Then I clicked on the books I wanted to read. A window popped up which told me that the book is no more available - due to a changed path. I found no possibility to change an existing ADE configuration.


      I opened ADE and added a book I bought by opening the option to add a file and openend the ebook on its new location. The ebook was loaded, authorized and I could read it. Clever - I thought. Thats the way to clean up my library. First lets delete all the ebooks in the library with the broken location. Afterwards lets add it via the option to add ebooks. Thats what I did. I deleted all the ebooks first. Afterwards I wanted to add all the books like I already did it with the first one. But - I no more could do that!


      This is what I get:

      Your Adobe software could not be activated. HTTP error on Adobe DRM  Activator request. Adobe DRM Activator error (client code 31); HTTP code  404. Fault location: 15


      Does this mean that ADE server does no more authorize my bought ebooks after I had deleted the broken-link-ones from my library?


      I hope not ! - This would be awfull - all my books would be gone !!



      I hope someone could follow my problem description and hope that there is a simple solution for that.