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    PDF with forms to PDF without those forms? Some kind render or publish script?

    Sakari Niittyma

      Hello to everyone!


      I have the following problem with Acrobat Pro 9:

      I did fillable form that works well in PDF. I would like to make the button which would save a new version of the file where it is no longer the possibility of filling the forms. So I want "Render" that form PDF to basic PDF where is no any user interactive forms available. I want to get rid of those forms after and get only those filled data, so user get nice simple PDF with user own filled texts...


      Is this even possible or do I seek a solution in vain? Is it possible with Acrobat Pro 9?

      I've tried to find a script but didn't find any solution for this yet. If someone could help a little so I would be grateful. Is there any script for this kind solution?