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    URGENT Please ! Problem printing form in LC ES2 "CT bad param: invalid matrix"


      Hello everyone,

      I'm a new user of Live Cycle but usually I am able to solve my problem by myself... This time, this problem really seem weird to me!


      I created 2 forms from an excel file, one that is working well in Live Cycle Es2, acrobat X and reader X (I set the parameters of the form so everybody is able to fill the form, save it and print it in Reader). The second page of the second document is problematic: Page 2 is unable to print in Live Cycle, acrobat or reader. I can save it, fill it but not print it. The first page alone is printing in all programs but as I add the second one I'm having those error messages:


      In live cycle:

      2011-06-09 11h27_48.png

      in Acrobat and Reader :

      2011-06-09 11h30_20.png

      2011-06-09 11h30_30.png


      Please help me, I really tryed what i could! (uninstall, reinstall, reboot, copy-paste in a new document, print on another printer, Windows7 update)...