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    flv frame rate issue?

      Hi there,
      I am trying to embedded an flv into a flash movie timeline that runs at 12fps.
      My source avi is 60 seconds in duration.


      However using cs3 video encoder with the frame rate set to 12 fps results in an flv that uses up 1440 frames of my timeline.
      In fact any frame rate selected always results in an flv of this frame length?


      Assuming that I need the flv to be 720 frames total (60 seconds * 12 frames), and not twice that duration as that would still have to be played at 24 fps.


      I undertand that there is a relationship to the original fps the movie was shot in (in this case 24fps) but will/does the encoder not produce an flv with the frame rate altered to match my timeline fps?


      or do you basically have to use a camera that shoots the original avi at 12fps
      to get it to play in 12 fps timeline??


      help greatly appreciated...
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          you should be playing your flv in an flvplayback component or using one of the flash classes and NOT embedding your flv in a timeline.  that will avoid this and many other problems caused by adding your flv to a timeline.

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            BRAINCLAMP Level 1

            thanks for the speedy reply

            ok I will have a go at using the playback component for this - we are actually trying to layer several movies (with alpha channel) over each other in a kind of 'greenscreen' application - each movie's position being controlled by a (draggable) playhead on a timeline we have created within the app.


            So you are saying it should be possible to just re-write the code that converts the playhead's position into the relevant movieclip's desired frame,
            to instead send a playback component to a particular frame (without actually playing the video) ? ?

            thanks again for your time on this..

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you can control the play of an flv in the flvplayback component.  check the seek() method and check cuepoints.


              you may not be able to layer one video on top of another have the bottom-most be visible through the top-most no matter what you do with the alpha channel.  i'm not sure you can't do that but it's a potential stumbling block.  google it.

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                BRAINCLAMP Level 1

                many thanks for that advice,


                we have actually had success at running (only) two flv's with alpa channels over each other, however this was only acheived at 12 fps - attempting them with video at 24 fps seems to be too much for flash player, hence our desire to run at 12 fps. Perhaps we'll get better performance here from the component?


                A few posts I have seen suggest that the video will need cuepoints insterting as you can only skip or seek to the next cuepoint after a specified time rather than just to any specified time.

                I will investigate further!


                thanks again for your help.