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    How to edit inidividual page numbers?


      Newbie here .... I've setup a catalog using a master-page spread provided by someone else that included pre-numbered pages. I need to edit specific

      page numbers in order to change their color. Haven't figured out how to edit them, or to change color where required? Appreciate any help. Thanks!

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          Daniel Flavin Level 4

          If it is a large page count, do it the advanced way.

          The auto page number characters are on the Master Pages. Right click the master page(s) from the Pages Panel, select New Master, choose Based on  A-Master (number of pages 2).  You should aumatically be on the B master. Hold shift & ctrl and double click the page number frames (or right click the B master page icon and select Override All Page Items). Hightlight the Page Number text/characters and apply new color swatch.


          You have new master pages, which need to applied to the unique pages. Either click on a B Master page thumbnail and drag it onto the page(s) you want to affect, or right click the B Master thumbnails and choose Apply Master to Page...



          For a small page count book, you could skip creating the new master, overriding the items, and applying to the page range. Instead, from the pages needing change, hold shift+ctrl and click on the page number frames to bring them to the actual pages one at a time and than apply color.

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            drwho57 Level 1

            Hi...thanks Daniel !! Appreciate the input!