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    Bizarre loss of functionality in my PDF doc's


      Ok I know I'm not crazy, I even have a doctors note!  3.5 yrs ago we setup our website for business and posted two editable PDF forms.  We originally created the forms in Publisher and the use Acrobat Pro and Distill them to PDF, create the editable fields and post it.  One of my customers told me yesterday that my forms were not editable!  I talked to my business partner about it and it hit us, I have asked him 3 times now to redue the forms and post them again, I really didnt pay much attention to why they stopped working, figured they got overwrote or something.


      This morning I realized that I have had to do this like once a year...BIZARRE!  I know they are not getting overwritten with anything, that area of our site is static and never changes.  I also keep the originals backed up on another system and I checked them and HAZAR... they don't work anymore either!


      The only thing I can think of is there is an expiration on the encoding of the file?  I know, I know, I'll send you my doctors note, and yes my medications are in check!  I can't think of anything else it can be?  Has anyone else ever had this happen or noticed it now that I mention it???