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    "Error Message. Codec missing or unavailable." Help?

    Dan G 89



      I currently have a problem that I'm in need of assistance with regarding importing video into Premiere Pro CS5 on a Windows Vista (64bit) PC. I'm a new user of CS5 so I'm not completely familiar with everything yet, but I'm a fairly competent user of Final Cut Pro on MACs.


      My problem is that when I attempt to import my video files into Premiere, I am given an error message saying "Error Message. Codec missing or unavailable.". I can see on the forums that this has happened to people before, but unfortunately, the solutions I have read can't help my situation because I don't currently have access to FCP to edit the footage as an alternative and only have access to CS5 on a PC to edit so I really need the files to work.


      The video files I'm wanting to import are .mov HD files which were captured using FCP on a MAC. The footage was shot in HD 1080i on DV tape using Sony Z1 and Z5 cameras and captured (using a tape deck and FCP's Log & Capture) under the settings of HDV 1080i and 25fps.

      The raw .mov files were then transferred to my PC for editing on Premiere and then this is where I have the problem with the codec error...


      If anyone can explain to me why the files aren't working or can offer any solutions or advice on how to get them working with Premiere, it will be greatly appreciated!