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    destroy current logged in user Session after admin deletion?!!!

    Waleed Barakat Level 1

      Hello everyone

      i  have a CMS created with ADDT accessed by Admin(s) and Users, what i  have noticed that when the admin delete the current logged in user (using a different browser of course on localhost) the logged in user still have the credentials to post or view protected pages.

      what  i want is to check against if user still in the database or not, if the  user has been deleted then the session destroyed automatically and user logged out...

      The process:
      1)-  user register an account then login...
      2)- site admin login and deleted this logged in user then the session   get expired (unset or destroyed)... and the logged in user cannot   proceed to any protected page(s).

      have a solution?
      i have tried too many piece of codes but no luck at all
      ~X( at wits' end

      Any help will be highly appreciated...